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Deeks embarks on a journey he never knew he would have to take because of a surprise from his past. Updates are when I can squeeze in a free day from real life.

"To love at all is to be vulnerable..." A collection of mostly unrelated Densi one-shots. An alternate possibility for starvingstudent's version of Deeks and Kensi in her story by the same title. AND she's also in love with her best friend Maura Isles! This will be a collection of holiday drabbles and short one-shots. Some of them will relate to episodes and others will not. Waking up with a gut feeling that something is terribly wrong is no way to start off the day. Picks up after the summer finale of Rizzoli & Isles (6x12). When Kensi comes home from Afghanistan early, the entire team is curious. What will happen when a certain shaggy haired college boy comes back home for the holidays? Rated M for strong language and sexual references (Disclaimer: I own nothing.)First chapter is just a little drabble from somewhere in season five, most of the chapters will be drabbles or one-shots about Deeks and Kensi. In a strange twist of fate, as Kensi's marriage crumbles, they meet.

Starts a little after the Small Pox case in season 3. Both of them have scars they don't want to talk about. See how he handles being a full time dad in addition to being LAPD-NCIS liaison, not to mention his famous 'thing' with Kensi he still hasn't worked out! Callen and Mac welcome Anna into their family, Kensi and Deeks deal with having a new baby. It can be a general idea or couple or a combo of both. Please also let me know the rating if you want Adult material or not.

Ups, downs, and their pups will bring our favourite agent/detective crime fighting duo closer together. It seems that both of them have things that they are hiding. He hasn't had the chance to be in his son's life because of the boy's mother, but now Deek's son Leo is his complete responsibility! Each chapter of this story will be from prompts from you my readers.

They are going back to face new challenges together as their relationship has soared over the last few months. What happened and why is Polish arms dealer hunting for her? Enjoy :)Kensi returns back to work after being home recovering from her trauma she faced, but she comes back to find out Deeks is in trouble.

But what will happen when they are sent into a deep cover assignment and face many struggles as a couple. Ch 5: Kensi shows up at Deeks's apartment after 6x22. Someone has it out for the law enforcement of LA and is taking it out on the police officers and those who work there. *There will be Densi* *Hiatus*Kensi and Deeks have been in a bit of an awkward, grey place in their relationship the past few months.

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