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Check out excerpts that highlight some of the stand-out points of the interview, and listen to the audio for the full conversation: CHARLIE DAY: We did so much baby stuff last year that we weren’t going to deal with the baby thing at all, and then we thought it would be funny to put the baby thing to rest, once and for all, with a baby funeral.

And then, just through our process, the story became something a little bit different.

We work really hard to make sure that our stuff just isn’t like, “Yeah, that’s a funny joke.” It’s gotta feel like there’s something more happening, so there’s a little depth to it. It sounds really stupid, but it’s got to be grounded.

One of the things that we pride ourselves on is that you can watch the show multiple times and get more from it because that’s what we challenge ourselves with. I just mean that there are a lot of things to make fun of. At this point in the run of the series, does FX let you do what you want? It’s not that they didn’t trust us before, it’s just that we were all figuring the show out together. We give them episodes and they’re pretty good at honing in on what’s good about the episode, and sometimes topping it and giving us other ideas. With things getting darker this season, do you guys get more empty and depraved, or do you warm up a little bit?

Coming up with ideas though, there’s a lot of stuff to prey on. Structuring it and making it really work, as an episode, is the toughest part. We have a pretty good idea of what they like, as well as what we like, so we don’t really get much push-back, but that’s mostly because we also know the kinds of things that they would push back on, anyway. Do you see the show coming back for a Season 8 and 9? HOWERTON: Our characters can have moments where they probably can’t truly imagine the worst happening, although they’ll agree to it.

They’ll be like, “Yeah, I’m doing my thing, and if you end up dying, that’s fine.” But, deep down inside, if something like that actually happened, [I think they would care].

Mc ELHENNEY: I was watching a very popular sitcom and noticing about how the characters were getting better looking, as the seasons progressed.

The FX Network program’s pilot was originally shot as a short film by 3 struggling actors in LA for no more than the price of the DV tape.

You know, maybe something involving I know that the cast resides in L.

DAY: The concept was that everyone pictures those guys as maniacs who do stuff like that all the time, and they come into our bar, just ‘cause they figured there would be no one there and they’d get a little peace and quiet. We hadn’t really been doing that since Season 2, so to do it again in Season 6 was a bit of a challenge.

And, thinking it’s a fun prank on them, we savagely beat them to the ground, and then we get in a big, nasty lawsuit with them. Doing what we normally do, which is each individual episode being its own thing, is challenging, in a different way, because you have very little time to wrap everything up. We definitely talked about whether or not we wanted to even do that.

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